Before You

for you
i was never worth the truth…
and i wonder if you ever told me any…
i’ve played sleuth and have found
your lies and inconsistencies…
it’s disappointing…
you ask that i trust you
and yet how can i? when
you’ve disregarded every chance
i’ve offered you – to come clean…
i’ve grown tired of waiting
for you to tell me all you keep…
let me break down and fall apart
and maybe i’ll forget…everything
about you…and only remember
things before you…before
the lies…before the pain…
before the betrayal…before the broken heart..
before my broken smile…



where do you find
the strength to trust again
when trust has been broken?
how do you forget events
of the past which led
to your trust being betrayed?
if you decide to try and
earn that trust again
how far would you go?
to what extent
would you say that
your efforts have been enough
to gain that trust back?
or would you ask yourself
in the middle of your endeavor:
“is she worth it?”
“is it worth it?”
would you get tired
of trying to earn that trust back?
would you give up?
or would you choose
your other options?
would you be desuaded if
someone shows you
a much easier path to take?
would you continue
if things get too hard for you?

trust is earned…it is a gift…
it’s something to treasure…
it is priceless…as it is fragile…

how far would you go?