Luna x Sol

She was the moon, mysterious and ethereal;

He was the sun, bright and magnificent.

The day she was born

Was the day he died;

His arrival,

Was the day of her departure.

They were each other’s destiny,

Yet they were never destined to meet;

They were each other’s fated pair.

And both unaware, followed different orbits.

Though fated, they chased and ran,

And followed others

Without pausing to realize the restlessness in their hearts.

They were always a distance away, sometimes a breath,

But their paths would never cross

-Maybe not in this lifetime,

But perhaps in the next…

Hopefully, in the next.

Love on the 27th

i see hearts when lamplights illuminate

puddles that randomly line sidewalks

and pathways after a rainy afternoon…

heart-shaped Raindrops  right after

they accumulate on leaf bases

and right before Gravity pulls

them to the earth and leaf apices let go – gently…

as if exhaling – breathing a silent sigh

as if caressing the world with love –

i’d like to think…

and sometimes I see hearts –

shaped by coffee cup stains,

in soft fluffy clouds and double rainbows,

in melted sundae cones and ice cream…

in kaleidoscopes and prisms…

in colors…and the sun…

and then I see love…or hear it

in musical notes that float

from violins and pianos and guitar strings…

in lullabies…in the whispering winds

in the soft lapping of waves…

and then I feel love…and taste it

in apples and pears…

and peaches and dew…in candies

and chocolates…in raindrops…

in tears…in kisses…in you…