The Faithful Lover

The faithful lover remains steadfast in their love;

Constant, in their trust;

Fearless, and generous in giving,

without regard for gains and losses

—until they themselves are spent….

They accept what they are given

and never ask for more;

Sometimes, the faithful lovers

forget themselves as they continue to forgive

their lover’s sins of commission,

yet not forgetting; not because they are keeping score,

but to remind themselves

in the moments when they are alone

—perhaps during their countless monologues in the shower;

perhaps on nights that are too quiet

with only the chirping sounds of crickets left for company—

that love is real,

and that every sacrifice will be worth it in the end

—until they are numb, and no longer recognize themselves….

Oftentimes, the faithful lover deliberately

ignores their delicate boundaries,

breaching the fine line between compromise and blind submission….

However, when faced with the universe’s disenchantment,

even the weak can muster up the courage

to walk away;

shedding off their mottled skin that has lost its glow

—eroded by their endless abandonment of their old self

to accommodate and adjust to their lover’s demands,

continuously forgiving…

Yet some who manage to walk away

forget to also forgive themselves;

they carry the blame on their shoulders,

asking what they lacked,

how or why or where they failed,

why they weren’t enough….

Some faithful lovers eventually find their peace, with time

—they are fortunate enough to heal, and find lasting happiness

amid the chaos and their struggles;

But sadly, some aren’t as lucky, and the blow pushes them

deeper into the mire

—losing themselves and never finding the strength

to look inside themselves and examine their scars,

instead they let it fester, and bleed…

and they bleed on others…

settling for dysfunctional affection and dependence….

Love begets love, and the faithful lover deserves a faithful lover too.

a letter to myself…

Hey You,

how’s life been treating you? I hope you are well…how’s your heart? has it healed somehow?…

i know it was painful and i know that you’ve been crying yourself to sleep these days, but take heart and have faith that things will get better…they’ll get better sooner than you think…painful as it is to accept, you know in your heart that it was for the best…maybe you should try to be happy for her…

i know it’s hard to pick yourself up but you’ve got to start somewhere…maybe forgiveness?….why don’t you start by forgiving yourself and the things you think you did wrong…be kind to yourself and forgive whatever it is you think you did or did not do to make the relationship wasn’t all bad and you know it…we both know how much you loved her…how much you gave up to be with her…take heart in the fact that you loved with all your heart, with all of who you are without any pretense…take heart that you loved genuinely and deeply…though it didn’t last the important thing is that your love was real and your heart was honest and loyal….

i know you’re still hurting so cry when you feel like crying…and with every tear you shed Let go…you’ll see that it’ll be easier afterwards…you’re strong and you’ll get through it and come out even stronger…take this opportunity to be single and love being single…appreciate and relive your independence…travel and explore the world on your own…reconnect with friends and family…there is a greater plan out there and someone better will find you….be patient…everything will fall into place…and events will unfold at the right time…

Let go…forgive yourself…be patient…and smile…life will get better…