Luna x Sol

She was the moon, mysterious and ethereal;

He was the sun, bright and magnificent.

The day she was born

Was the day he died;

His arrival,

Was the day of her departure.

They were each other’s destiny,

Yet they were never destined to meet;

They were each other’s fated pair.

And both unaware, followed different orbits.

Though fated, they chased and ran,

And followed others

Without pausing to realize the restlessness in their hearts.

They were always a distance away, sometimes a breath,

But their paths would never cross

-Maybe not in this lifetime,

But perhaps in the next…

Hopefully, in the next.

To Fate…

i bottle my love and seal it
and cast it out to sea…
i wonder if you’ll find it
and when you do
would you know it was from me?
would you ride the waves
or swim without cease
just to get to me?

i blow my sweetest kisses
to the wind
in hopes it will carry them
to you…
so when the breeze
brushes against your cheek
that’ll be me…kissing you softly…

i wish i can send you
the warmth and the comfort
of my embrace…
by parcel perhaps?
or mail?…

i wonder when i’ll see
or meet you…
i wonder if our paths will
ever cross…or whether
we’ve already missed each other…
maybe fate is
being fickle…
or just plain childish
playing with the thread
that connects us…
amusing herself by
taking a step back
each time that 6 degrees
of separation is decreased…
i wonder
if you’ll ever get to read this…
i wonder
if fate sees me writing to her…
fate, won’t you be kind?
i’m just right here…waiting…