It begins with an itching

that one cannot relieve by scratching

the outer layer of the skin;

it crawls, and spreads silently

from the mind to the smallest crevice of the heart

and hitches a ride with your blood cells

along with oxygen,

incorporating itself into the metabolic process.

Sometimes, it becomes a permanent resident

and gnaws at the last threads of hope

stitching you together.


you used to be my compass…
and i had made “us” the gyroscope
of my life…
but now i can’t seem to find
my bearings…
i am lost…i feel disoriented and
i can’t seem to find my way back…
my compass is busted and
the stars can’t point me to
my true north…
my own chaos consumes me
and i am drowning in the depths
of my despair…
where do i find salvation?