Untitled 20151029

when i say “I love you”…i mean to say
thank you…for being here
that i look for you in every space i am in;
in every face i come across;
in everything…
that i also grow tired and weary…my muscles
ache; my knees grow weak…
and really when i say “I love you”…i’m saying
to love you is to toil without tiring
because my “i love you” does not tire or grow weary…
this is the suffering of someone who loves…embrace it

when i say “i love you”…i mean to say
that the world is unfair; and life
is hard but i will love you in all your imperfect being…
so let the storms come…let the sun melt me…
and let me show you that i am as imperfect as you are..

You are the object of this love;
the story that does not ebb;
the one moment that is never forgotten

You are my respite…the rest my weary soul needs…

So when i say “i love you”…i’m telling you that i am happy
that my heart is overflowing;
because, no matter how long the day is
i will come home to you…