Love on the 27th

i see hearts when lamplights illuminate

puddles that randomly line sidewalks

and pathways after a rainy afternoon…

heart-shaped Raindrops  right after

they accumulate on leaf bases

and right before Gravity pulls

them to the earth and leaf apices let go – gently…

as if exhaling – breathing a silent sigh

as if caressing the world with love –

i’d like to think…

and sometimes I see hearts –

shaped by coffee cup stains,

in soft fluffy clouds and double rainbows,

in melted sundae cones and ice cream…

in kaleidoscopes and prisms…

in colors…and the sun…

and then I see love…or hear it

in musical notes that float

from violins and pianos and guitar strings…

in lullabies…in the whispering winds

in the soft lapping of waves…

and then I feel love…and taste it

in apples and pears…

and peaches and dew…in candies

and chocolates…in raindrops…

in tears…in kisses…in you…


4 thoughts on “Love on the 27th”

  1. And we thought we loved poetry! That’s a very descriptive and beautiful poem.

    Would you like to send in a love letter? To a place, a face, a thing? The WordSongs Project awaits your contributions!

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