Lazy Monday

and so we talked about love
of being in love…of forever…
of faithfulness…of wanting
to be true…of going against history
and its infinite repetitions…
about dying…of separation…
of expectations…and disappointments…
of never making promises..
of leaving…of living – for the moment…
of getting old and forgetting…
of life…and dreams…and plans
for the far future and the coming weekend…
and my thoughts floated –
like bubbles out of soap recipes…
some eventually bursting…others
dissolving slowly…disappearing
into thin air…eventually forgotten
with sleep…


2 thoughts on “Lazy Monday”

  1. Forgetfulness. What a gift and what a curse. “And so we talked about…going against history and its infinite repetitions.” I love this line. I have so many conversations that inspire, revelations that I feel will change my life forever, and then time happens. Sleep happens, and I forget. How frustrating! And I think you’re right, they fade away at different paces. Some immediately. Some take awhile. The bubble imagery was beautiful 🙂

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