Before You

for you
i was never worth the truth…
and i wonder if you ever told me any…
i’ve played sleuth and have found
your lies and inconsistencies…
it’s disappointing…
you ask that i trust you
and yet how can i? when
you’ve disregarded every chance
i’ve offered you – to come clean…
i’ve grown tired of waiting
for you to tell me all you keep…
let me break down and fall apart
and maybe i’ll forget…everything
about you…and only remember
things before you…before
the lies…before the pain…
before the betrayal…before the broken heart..
before my broken smile…


2 thoughts on “Before You

  1. deception is always hard to take, best you can do is move on and take the high road. Never let them see you sweat or how devastated you are. stay strong cool and calm after they are gone and can’t see you, then break down all you want. pin his pic to a wall throw darts at it. He didn’t deserve you if this is the way he treated you nor did he respect you. Praying for you sister of the broken heart club (for we have ALL been there) (((Hugs)))

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