Ikaw: Pag-ibig

ikaw at ang pag-ibig mo
ang pumapawi sa uhaw
na tila hindi sa tubig kundi
sa dampi ng iyong mga kamay…
mga yakap at halik na walng kasing lambing…
ang iyong pagibig
ang syang pumapawi sa pagkauhaw
sa gitna ng kawalan…
parang init na walang
kasing bagsik habang ang araw
ay nakatirik sa kalangitan…

ang pagibig mo ang syang
nagaalis sa kaba at takot
na bumabalot sa puso ko
sa gitna ng pagkabalisa
na parang karagtang di
mapantag dahil sa unos
na tila di na hihimbing
ang mga alon sa paghampas
sa baybay…

ang pagibig mo ang syang
aking ginhawa…tila parang
higaan kung san maaring
mahimlay sa tuwing ang
kaluluwa’t puso’y hapo sa araw araw…

ikaw at ang pag-ibig mo
ay husto na…

Summer Love

dance with me in the summer
under a starry sky…
when the night breeze feels
cool against the skin and comes
whispering love through
every blade of grass underneath
our bare feet…
when every wildflower sways
to each note that fills the air
surrounding you and me – mingling
with every dew drop
slowly forming in the early hours
of dawn…

In Love on a Wednesday

let me trace the lines
that surround the shadow of
your silhouette on the ground
while you stand against the sunlight –
smiling down at me…looking silly…
let my finger follow the outline
of your face…the smooth curve
of your lips when you smile…
i like listening to your laughter –
its almost epidemic…like a surge
of electricity powering light bulbs
as each laughing note swell…then
glide slowly…i am taken in –
swooped and scooped – like
a mother would her child…
i guess this is love…this lighthearted
feeling which accompany these
smiles that come out of the blue and
these childish giggles…these are precious –
like rare moments of rain in a dry spell…

Before You

for you
i was never worth the truth…
and i wonder if you ever told me any…
i’ve played sleuth and have found
your lies and inconsistencies…
it’s disappointing…
you ask that i trust you
and yet how can i? when
you’ve disregarded every chance
i’ve offered you – to come clean…
i’ve grown tired of waiting
for you to tell me all you keep…
let me break down and fall apart
and maybe i’ll forget…everything
about you…and only remember
things before you…before
the lies…before the pain…
before the betrayal…before the broken heart..
before my broken smile…