i used to wonder where
the sun went during sunsets..
and where the moon and
all the stars hid during sunrise…
just like how i wonder where
your mind goes in your silence…
where your dreams take you
when you reach that deep slumber…
i used to wonder why
you left…and what you found
while you were away from me…
did you find the happiness
you’ve been seeking for so long?
were you able to find the love
you’ve been longing for?
did you get the things
i could never give you?
and in your absence from
the chaos that i was…did you
find your peace?…your salvation?…
your freedom?…did you find yourself
in her universe?…
but now i wonder what
the reason is
for your return into mine…you tell me
love is the sole reason you came back
but is it really?…i think it’s too late for us…
i think i rebuilt my broken self
with only the old threads
that used to hold me together…
discarding most of who i was…and
without the part you
used to love – my feeble heart…


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