Middle Ground

the stars spell loneliness
like omens foretelling
death…not of the body
but of a soul…of a love…that has been
struggling…adrift in the
chaos and the conflict
between a healing heart and
a stubborn mind…trying to reconcile
a part wanting to feel…
safety…love…that warm
comfort within an embrace…
the other, ready to take
that step towards uncertainty;
towards that which is without…
to feel…a little freedom…
and yet that step has not been taken…
still hoping you’d take my hand
to pull me back into your arms
to tell me that i am worth
every ounce of sacrifice and pain…
and yet i know that
your love is not big enough
for both of us…
should i choose to give up
my dreams until your love
swallows both of us
in a comfortable cradle…or
until you learn to trust me
and in the love that i have for you…
for us?…am i too selfish?…
it seems there is no middle ground
for our plight…no compromise…


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