The Tumbleweed (for FWF)

The Prompt:

Once upon a time
there was a tumbleweed
who tumbled along with
the desert wind…
hitchhiking with his suitcase…
uncaring where the wind’s direction blew…

Everyday it simply rolled
and tumbled
along desert sands
and arid landscapes…
passing  cacti and lizards,
rattlesnakes and spiders
barely pausing…
only time enough to say “hi”
and “goodbye”…then

One day, while the sun
was at its peak…casting
the shortest shadow
mr. tumbleweed came upon
an oasis…with lush desert
trees and a spring…
the wind said “goodbye”
and blew itself away thinking
that the tumbleweed had
finally reached its destination…
but sadly what mr. tumbleweed
thought an oasis
was simply a mirage…

Because of that
mr. tumbleweed grew sad…
and dreary…feeling alone
in the vast ocean of a desert
where the wind dropped him off…
his old friend mr. hawk
saw him brooding…imobile…
swooped down and scooped him
on his beak…
mr. tumbleweed
no longer tumbled along
but soared in the air…

Because of that,
mr. tumbleweed saw
the vastness of the desert
he once tumbled along…
it was a high in his otherwise
dull tumbling along…
mr. tumbleweed gained
a new perspective…

Until finally, mr. Hawk
eyed the right spot for his friend…
he aimed and let go of
mr. tumbleweed…
landing softly
near a desert stream…
where he rested
and fulfilled his purpose…



8 thoughts on “The Tumbleweed (for FWF)”

  1. There really is a sadness, a melancholy to the tumbleweed and you have evoked this feeling well with your take. I really enjoyed your tale of this poor little weed. ♥ Thanks so much for writing for FWF!!! Hope to have you back!

  2. Very descriptive I could easily picture it in my mind. Struck me as a sad story in which we often need others to reach out true purpose. Nice job!

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