Chapter 2. Open Book

“I’m an open book” He said…
“An Open Book” I repeated…
in the short period we’ve spent
in that cafe it’s become
quite a habit –
this repetition of responses…

“What you see is what you get”

he said with a playful smile…
his eyes showing delight…

“ask me anything and i shall
give you an honest answer”

in my mind a flood of questions
but all i came up with was

“why me?”

bowing my head in embarrassment
after the words left my mouth…
i was being insecure…
he put his coffee cup aside,
leaned on his elbow
and answered

“Because your eyes tell me
so many things which
you wouldn’t say otherwise…
and when you smile, you glow…
and the sadness and the pain
you try so hard to conceal
are as beautiful as you are…

Your quiet demeanor tell me
of your strength…
and the reservation in your touch
tell me of your gentleness
and just how much
you can love someone…”

I just stared at him…not sure
whether to believe a word he said…
he paused and looked at me

“You are an open book
and your pages have captivated
me to keep reading”

I lowered my eyes then looked away
biting my lower lip
to keep from crying…I mustered a smile
and asked him

“Do I wear my heart
out on my sleeve? so much so
that you are able to describe
me in such a way…
I thought I’ve kept perfect
composure in front of everyone.”

He smiled and answered gently –
almost like a parent coddling a child…

“Yes you have…but you haven’t
fooled me because
I see You..”

Then he reached out and
wiped away the tear which had
managed to escape my efforts…

“You shouldn’t cry…your tears
are too precious.”

And at that moment i started to fall…



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