Andar conmigo

walk with me awhile
before you leave me for the last time…
sail with me…in ships in bottles
towards imaginary horizons…
over uncharted seas
and undiscovered islands…

come…build a world with me…
lets build skyscrapers
and recreate your favorite
city…perhaps New York?
lets use plaster molds
and lots of sand and just
enough water
to hold them all together…
then we’ll pretend to be giants
and gods roaming the earth….

come…sit with me awhile
on the edge of our love’s innocence
before her beauty took you
away from me…

come…walk with me awhile
until the sun sets behind us
and the stars decorate
the dark velvet palette that is the sky…

stay awhile…walk with me
until we reach the end of this road…
but i feel your steps
slowing down…growing heavy
your hand slipping away…
i see your soul getting weary…
like memories…slowly
dissolving into nothing…


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