Free Write Friday: Freedom Is…

the moment before
the choosing…
as choices have consequences
and we are bound to these

the moment when
we lose everything –
even ourselves…
for in losing what we had
we find an opportunity to search…
to build and start fresh…

the moment before
we fall in love…
and though love should be free
love also requires one
to commit and pledge
loyalty…to share
oneself completely…

in love and in every action
we partake in
we give up and we gain freedom –
in part or in whole…


2 thoughts on “Free Write Friday: Freedom Is…”

  1. wow! how very true is that! I really needed this today as I have been dealing with demons I suppose you could call it. It is really hard sometimes to remember that in love, to make it successful, we must give as much as we want in return and also, the sacrifices are not to be looked upon as negative but, as small stones that will build a firm foundation. I really appreciate this entry, so much. Thank youf or writing for FWF! Happy to have you!

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