Rainy Tuesday

it’s a bed weather…
woke up later than usual…
slept in for sleeping late…
the rain has not let up
since morning
and the wind keeps picking up…
wore slippers to work
folded pants…just like
the farmers in the fields
planting rice in mud paddies…
Yamagata’s Duet and
Adele’s Turning Tables
are the first two songs
on my playlist on this rainy
Tuesday evening…
makes me want to
go back home…skip work
and just sit in front
of the television
with a cup of hot coco perhaps
or coffee…
and a warm blanket
wrapped around me…
i wonder if you’d like to join me…



6 thoughts on “Rainy Tuesday”

    1. if only i can redirect the rain over to your area…its been flooding in some parts of the metro because of the rain over where i am tsk tsk…

      1. (concentrating really hard to divert the rain…no effect)..if only i had control over the weather! so sorry about that..hopefully the rain decides to pass by your region soon 🙂

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