Missing you

it’s times like these –
when my day’s all messed up
and i don’t know what to do
when i miss you beyond
when saying i miss you
just would not describe
how much i miss you
and just how much
i want you with me
right at this moment…
just your presence…
your touch…your smile
just you…with me…
maybe you can hold my hand
and we’ll just stay
quiet…listening to each
other breathe…listening
to each other’s heartbeat…
or maybe you can hug me
i badly need one right now…



5 thoughts on “Missing you”

      1. That’s alright.. it is something which does not get away from me.. by the way I too write for the same reason.. 🙂

      2. following you…it’s nice to have an outlet for these emotions especially when the person you used to share the accounts of your days is no longer there to listen…hope it all gets better soon

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