Notre amour

i run my fingers
across the sheets and
remember lying in your arms
during humid nights
and hot summer days…
i remember
how your heart beat
in those intimate moments…

we laid in this pallet
vast as the ocean…and
i swam the core and the meaning
of the kisses from your lips…
the warmth from each embrace
overflowing with tenderness
and desire which i could
not have learned from books
and could not have been
taught in school…

in this pallet, as quiet
and as deep as the trenches
is where i immersed myself to
fathom your abysmal slumber
and to trace every detail
of your face and hold your every
breath and sigh as
you dreamed…where
i held you close
in the warmth of my bosom…

in this pallet as pure
and as calm as the ocean
is where i let the abundance
of my love…and my desires
flow and ebb in each
kiss…in each embrace…
in each moment i gave myself
which you answered
with endless waves
of your own desires…
and perhaps your love…

and maybe…if walls
could speak
they would tell the world
of these moments…
these intimacies
that only we shared…

i run my fingers…
along the edges of this pallet
and realize that i was amiss…
because the vastness…
the depth…and the overflowing
love and desire
we shared
has reached its end…

unlike the ocean…



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