Love Story

a love story unfolds
like petals to a flower…
blooms and withers…
it begins with
an exchange…
a glance between
two people
feeling the same
emotion at the same time…
and from that exchange
it progresses to
a brush…a touch…
to holding hands…
an embrace…a kiss…
to making love…
and yet sometimes
things do not unfold
or progress as such…
there are love stories
which happen in an instant –
with attraction so intense
it spreads like wildfire –
yet the same love story
can end in more ways
than it began…
it can end when
one party gives up and
stops trying…
or maybe when one
falls out of love
or falls in love with another…
it doesn’t matter
how it began…
it doesn’t matter
how it ends…
what matters is
you lived your love story
may it have been brief…in the end
love and the story itself
are all that matters…



4 thoughts on “Love Story”

    1. hi jamie…i can’t seem to leave a comment to your blog…thank you for using one of mine as an example..however I’d like to say that although my writing maybe amateur and may not be as good as the poems you are familiar with, I’d like to say that you do not have the right to say that I, along with all the other bloggers whose writing you’ve made an example of, have never been in love. First off, you do not know us personally, we have never met and have never interacted, you have not seen me and have not had any chance to talk to me about love or being in love. Allow me to say, that I have been in love, i have loved and have had my heart broken as well…i understand that what you have written is your own opinion however i disagree with how you have made it seem a fact that i and all the others have never been in love just because of how i have written my poem and what it contains…but thank you nonetheless for using my blog as an example and for sharing this to your subscribers…

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