i dreamed

i was in flight
and saw the sky
turn into varying
shades of blue
as clouds
turn into different
shades of gray…

i land softly
on a shore of some sort
and walk barefoot
gathering sands
between my toes,
in the same way
moments etch themselves
into memories…

i walk farther ahead…
and find myself treading
on shards of glass –
each a broken promise
and yet
i sensed no pain…
despite the traces
of crimson footprints
i left in my tread…

i continue on my way
and not far ahead
a procession…a funeral
but there was no coffin
to be seen…
they weren’t burying
a loved one…
they were burying
their broken hearts…
casting off their pains…

i left that scene
not noticing tears
had escaped my eyes…
i come to a river
where a boat
seemed to have
been waiting for me
and the figure
holding the paddle
beckoned me closer…
as if hypnotized
i boarded the boat;
slowly we paddled…
the river reflected the sunset
beautiful and warm
like an embrace –
i close my eyes…
letting the breeze
kiss me where tears
had left their mark…

i wake from my slumber…



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