dear reader…

how do you perceive me
when you read
what i have put out?

do my writings paint
a picture of who i am?

do my words
draw you in or move you?

do they make you
want to read more
or do they turn you off?

i wonder if my thoughts
are coherent enough
or whether they are in disarray…

pardon me
for sharing so much
of my sadness and my heartbreak
over a love which
i thought would be mine
for a lifetime…

and forgive me
if i seem to never tire
of sharing my pain
for being left behind
and for still holding on…

so i ask you to allow me
just a little more time
to take in all of it
until i’m strong enough
to let it go…

so i can write about fireflies…
of moonbeams and starbursts…
of happy thoughts…
of bright blue skies and skyscrapers…
and perhaps one day,
i’d be able to write about love…



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