an old email…05.01.12

I don’t hate you M…im still doesn’t mean that I hate you…I’ve already accepted your decision and im trying to get better from all the pain…I’d rather not know that you care because it gives me this sense of hope that maybe we’ll get back together someday since I still think about you most hours of the day, I still pine and ache for you which is not healthy..baka mabaliw ako (i might go crazy)…so stop…im no longer your concern..i know that you’re happy so be happy…wag mo na akong isipin (don’t think about me anymore)…i told you before i have no choice but to survive this event…ayokong maging bitter sa nangyari kasi alam ko Masaya ka naman (i don’t want to be bitter about what happened because i know that you’re happy)…mabuti na yung ganto (it’s better this way)…let’s not talk anymore…siguro saka na kapag nakalimutan ko na lahat (maybe when i’ve already forgotten everything)…in another life maybe…im still hurting..but I’ll get myself better soon…


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