a letter to myself…

Hey You,

how’s life been treating you? I hope you are well…how’s your heart? has it healed somehow?…

i know it was painful and i know that you’ve been crying yourself to sleep these days, but take heart and have faith that things will get better…they’ll get better sooner than you think…painful as it is to accept, you know in your heart that it was for the best…maybe you should try to be happy for her…

i know it’s hard to pick yourself up but you’ve got to start somewhere…maybe forgiveness?….why don’t you start by forgiving yourself and the things you think you did wrong…be kind to yourself and forgive whatever it is you think you did or did not do to make the relationship last..it wasn’t all bad and you know it…we both know how much you loved her…how much you gave up to be with her…take heart in the fact that you loved with all your heart, with all of who you are without any pretense…take heart that you loved genuinely and deeply…though it didn’t last the important thing is that your love was real and your heart was honest and loyal….

i know you’re still hurting so cry when you feel like crying…and with every tear you shed Let go…you’ll see that it’ll be easier afterwards…you’re strong and you’ll get through it and come out even stronger…take this opportunity to be single and love being single…appreciate and relive your independence…travel and explore the world on your own…reconnect with friends and family…there is a greater plan out there and someone better will find you….be patient…everything will fall into place…and events will unfold at the right time…

Let go…forgive yourself…be patient…and smile…life will get better…



2 thoughts on “a letter to myself…”

  1. Hearts are meant to be broken. In the same vein, they are meant to be healed. These are the words an old friend shared with me; which I am now sharing with you. i’ll be here! Right until you are fully recovered. PAKATATAG TAYO!!

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