i peered into a lense
and found myself
looking at a projection…
i saw a battered soul
trying to gather the ashes
of her old self…aware
that all her efforts were futile
against an unceasing wind…

I asked her…

“How do you hold on to things that slip away on their own?”
“Why do you  try so hard to hold on to these when it’s much easier to let go?”

Sobbing she answered…

“So I won’t forget how it felt…I don’t want to forget…I can’t…though i am slowly starting to forget things of the past…i feel guilty of letting the wind carry them away…”

then taking her hand
i whispered…

“your heart will always remember…no matter how much effort your mind exerts to forget…so let the wind carry these ashes of who you once were…your heart knows and will remember without need of a reminder how it felt…”


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