A Letter to Virginia

Hey Virginia,
I hope this finds you well…
The simplicity of the wisdom
You’ve imparted has been of great help…
It’s been a while since I had my heart broken,
And in the countless times
That I’ve played the events in my mind,
Somehow, I have been able…
To discern the subtle differences you talked of
That between holding a hand
and chaining a soul..
Slowly, I’ve been able to realize
That Love doesn’t mean possession
And company indeed
Does not mean security…
Although I’ve long ago learned that
kisses aren’t contracts
And presents are never promises…
Little by little, I am able to
Accept my defeat with my head up…
with the grace of an adult and not the grief of a child..
But I still cry…
You were right…tomorrow
Will always be uncertain…
I no longer wait for someone to bring me flowers…
Instead I slowly tend my own garden
Despite the absence of a green thumb..
Though I don’t know
If I have enough of the endurance you spoke of,
I’m trying my hardest
to be strong and to see my worth…
I’m still learning from this goodbye…
I know I’ll get better
I hope sooner than later…
Thanks Virginia

(in reference to Comes the Dawn – Virginia Shopstall)


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