Love is not alchemy…
there’s never an equivalent trade to be had..
no breakeven points..
no equilibrium…
someone always gives more..
someone always takes more…
and though this is the case
we continue to stay
simply because we love…
And when our love is true…
it doesn’t matter how much we give
or how much the other takes
what matters is one’s faith in the other
that love is strong enough
to sustain each struggle along the way…
and if circumstance
compells you to give up on the other
won’t you reconsider?…and yet
it is foolish to hold on
to something that has long since expired…
where do you run for solace
when sincerity seems a pretense?…
when what one took for honesty
now seems a blur of uncertainties…
love is not alchemy…
and there will never be equivalent trades to be had..
love leaves you undone…
broken and scarred…
but love is love…it is reason in itself
and yet is not…
to those such as I
whose travails with love
have left you raw and spent
may we not lose faith in love
instead trust that the next chapter
will bring unexpected bliss…

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